News and Events

Festival of Economics 2021

30 December 2021

In what marks the 10th year of our long-running partnership, Enlightenment Economics…

The Reading Lists

03 July 2017

Diane was interviewed by the site The Reading Lists, which asks interviewees about their reading.

Economics Statistics Centre of Excellence

07 April 2017

Diane Coyle is one of the academics involved in the newly launched Office for National…

Festival of Economics 2017

07 April 2017

Enlightenment Economics partnered with the Festival of Ideas for a 6th year in the Festival…

Office for National Statistics Appointment

29 February 2016

Professor Diane Coyle has been appointed as a Fellow of the Office for National Statistics…

Festival of Economics 2016

27 June 2015

Enlightenment Economics is once again partnering with the Festival of Ideas in the Festival of…