The Wider Conditions for Innovation in the UK

Enlightenment Economics

The Wider Conditions for Innovation in the UK, for NESTA, November 2009

Innovative firms drive growth and prosperity. This framework report set out seven overarching ‘wider conditions’ for innovation. These are: public research, openness, entrepreneurship, competition, access to finance, demand for innovation, and skills The UK performs well compared to other leading innovative countries in entrepreneurship and competition However there is room for improvement in public research and openness The UK appears to lag behind other leading countries in access to finance, demand for innovation and skills. See also:

Mobility: A Nation Under Siege, for MTC Group, June 2007

Mobile telecommunications played a vital role in assisting disaster recovery within Lebanon during the Israeli-Lebanese conflict in July 2006 This report contains unique insights in to the reliability of telecoms infrastructure throughout the conflict and examines the reasons why mobile communications played a pivotal role in ensuring that families stayed in touch, the population received food and medical supplies to the correct locations and emergency services could effectively plan their disaster response procedures.